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Bophelong Tutoring Programme

The Bophelong Tutoring Programme (BTP) is an education focused NGO with a keen focus on government public schools located in townships. BTP offers academic support and career guidance services to school learners and youth in underprivileged communities such as Bophelong.

The NGO was founded in 2009 by a group of University 1 st year students from Bophelong who were top performing matriculants in 2008. Though established in 2009, the organisation was only formally registered as a Not-for-Profit-Organisation (NPO) in 2013 and later on as a PBO in March 2016.

The organisation came as a result of recognition that there is huge lack of adequate existent structures to aid young people to achieve the desired marks to enter institutions of higher education and personal development as well as motivation and inspiration. One of the biggest aims is ensuring that township learners from these under-resourced schools in the townships develop the necessary skills and competencies to compete with their peers who are come from better resourced schools.

The programme utilises professionals and students who are enrolled in institutions of higher education in particular universities, who have been in similar circumstances, to offer mentorship, academic support and career guidance. BTP recruits members who understand that services are offered on a voluntary basis.

To contextualise and highlight the importance of organisations such as BTP, let’s look at what has been revealed by the 2011 Census and the Emfuleni Local Municipality Annual Report. The reports indicate that:

  • Approximately 53% population in the Emfuleni Municipality has completed secondary education
  • Only 23% of the population in the Emfuleni Municipality has primary school education.
  • Approximately 3% of the population has no education, which constitutes a significant number in the Bophelong community as the percentage rises up to 12% in this case.
  • Only 1% of the population has a post-school educational qualification.
Bophelong Tutoring Programme

Organisational Objectives

Within underprivileged communities, learners (both high school and primary school) often face a challenge of not having adequate support structures outside of school, both at home and in the community, to aid their learning. This is largely due to the prevailing low levels of education amongst the adult population which contributes to the inability to support learners at home. This therefore means that the only place of learning within these communities is at schools. However, it is a well known fact that the township schools are under-resourced and have high levels of leaner to teacher ratios. In instances where there are people who have managed to succeed academically despite the above mentioned challenges, we find that they are largely uninterested in assisting those that come after them.

Furthermore, high school pupils often don’t have proper mentorship to guide them academically with subject choices for those in the lower grades (Grade 8, 9, and 10) and career choices for those that are in the higher grades (11 and 12).

It is with this background that BTP was formed because of its understanding of the dynamics and challenges faced by township leaners. The mission and vision of the organisation as well as its objectives are outlined below

Learning for the future

Primary Objectives

  • To bridge the gap between the academic performance of township schools and well- resourced private schools.
  • To provide access to educational information and opportunities.
  • To promote the importance of education within communities.
  • To motivate young people to aspire to be great citizens

Secondary Objectives

  • To aid initiatives and organizations tackling HIV/AIDS, crime, poverty and unemployment through education
  • To mentor undergraduates in tertiary institutions and facilitate a hundred per cent success rate of undergraduates.
To create an educational and professional development organization that continuously strives to advance the education of underprivileged communities.
To shift and inspire the minds of our communities through education, and ensure their advancement by providing access to opportunities.
Bophelong Tutoring Programme
Activities & Services
Bophelong Tutoring Programme

Organisational Structure

The organisations’ membership is mainly composed of university undergrads and qualified graduate professionals. The structure is explained below according to hierarchy.

Management Committee

  • The management committee comprises of members of the organisation that are responsible for all organisational decisions of the programme and oversee all the other relevant organisational departments.
  • The management committee is not remunerated by the organization and provide their services on a voluntary basis.
Our Team
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  • 1
    Khululani Mehlwana
  • 2
    Deputy Chairperson
    Mr Sihle Magaga
  • 3
    Financial Officer
    Mr Teboho Sithole
  • 4
    Head of Academics
    Kananelo Mbatha
  • 5
    Additional Members/Tutor
  • 6
Our Team